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红宝石可说是最寅贵的一种,每卡拉价仅次于最稀有的彩色钻石。红宝石在东方一直拥有至尊无上的地位,最好的证明是梵文中记载的红宝石别名:—个是「Ratnaraj」,另一个是「Ratnanayaka」,意思分别为「宝石之王」和「珍贵宝石之首」。而早于公元前1110年,Marbodus在其著作《liber de lapidibus》中已指出红宝是「宝石中的王者」。书中有这样的描述:「当上帝创造所有生物的同时也创造了十二种寶石,当中最窦贵的就是红宝石。」产自缅甸的红宝拥有传说中的艳红色彩,所以在高级珠窦的历史上一直都占有重要席位。

Ruby is the most expensive one, and the price per cara is second only to the rarest color DIA. Ruby has always held the supreme status in the East. The best proof is the ruby alias recorded in Sanskrit: one is "Ratnaraj" and the other is "Ratnanayaka", which means "king of precious stones" and "head of precious stones" respectively. As early as 1110 BC, Marbodus pointed out that Hongbao was "the king of precious stones" in his book liber de lapidibus. There is such a description in the book: "When God created all living things, he also created twelve kinds of precious stones, among which the most expensive is ruby. Hongbao, which is produced in Myanmar, has a legendary brilliant red color, so it has always occupied an important position in the history of advanced Zhudou.


If we want to further explain why ruby has been sought after for hundreds of years, we must first understand ruby itself. Ruby belongs to a kind of mineral named corundum, while ruby from Myanmar has a unique bright blood-red color because it contains chromium, and it also has red fluorescence, which makes the gem look like burning coal, and it can emit eternal fire from it.







The two natural rubies are 903 grams in size and 53 grams in size. The modi hardness of the ruby is the ninth grade, and only diamonds are above it. Its hardness is so high that it is an important advantage as a gem. The pure Ruby represents passion, desire and power. It is said that people who wear Ruby will have a happy love, a harmonious family and a long and healthy life. The ancient Burmese Warriors used to stab a small hole in their bodies and embed a ruby to protect them from being attacked. For hundreds of years, he has been one of the most precious gemstones. It is recognized that the best Ruby producing area in the world is Mogu, Myanmar, where there has been a history of producing ruby for thousands of years, and has always maintained its position as the best sample of ruby in the world. Due to its chemical composition of chromium and less iron, it produces the phenomenon of red fluorescence under the UV light source, that is, under the sunlight and most lights, the red color of the whole body is even more brilliant. The interior of each gem is unique, countless threads of light like fire, they are proof of the great changes in geology. For the pure natural ruby without any heat treatment, more than 5 carats is very precious and rare. In Mogu mining area, the possibility of producing such important large-grained raw stone is decreasing year by year.


东方人视红色为吉祥的颜色,红宝石自然成为他们眼中吉祥之物。在中国清代,亲王以至一品大官俱在官帽上镶上红宝石,作为官职之区别;而在缅甸,公元前585 年修建的瑞光大金塔,更是镶嵌了二千多颗红宝石;在世界各地皇族的皇冠上,自古以来红宝石亦是不可缺少的饰物。天然红宝石大多来自亚洲(缅甸,泰国和斯里兰卡),非洲和澳大利亚亦有出产。而举世知名的莫过于来自有数千年开采历史的缅甸抹谷山谷的红宝石矿。其特色是红宝石内含有的卷曲斜状物体,将红色紫外光线折射到宝石的每一个切割面,令其发出平均而艳红的色彩,闪烁生辉。

Orientals regard red as an auspicious color, and rubies naturally become auspicious things in their eyes. In the Qing Dynasty of China, princes and even high-ranking officials set rubies on their official hats as the difference between official positions; In Myanmar, the Ruiguang Gold Pagoda built in 585 BC is inlaid with more than 2,000 rubies; Ruby has been an indispensable ornament in the crowns of royal families all over the world since ancient times. Most natural rubies come from Asia (Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka), and are also produced in Africa and Australia. The world-famous ruby mine comes from Magu Valley, Myanmar, which has been mined for thousands of years. Its characteristic is that the crimson inclined object in ruby refracts red ultraviolet rays to every cutting surface of ruby, which makes it emit average and brilliant red color and sparkle.



Ruby can change from a colorless ore to a brilliant red gem after a long period of earth crust transfer pressure and baptism by the sun's heat. After thousands of years of continuous mining, ruby has become quite rare. At present, this ruby is only rare, and it has high investment and collection value.